Secure your future With our "loan for life™"!

Get cash from your whole life insurance today.

No personal recourse for future payment.

Don’t surrender your whole life policy without calling FairMarket Advisors first.

Fairmarket Advisory Services, LLC

FairMarket Advisory Services, LLC provides a unique proprietary opportunity for owners of qualified Whole Life and Indexed Universal Life policies to take out a permanent loan secured by the policy. THERE IS NO NEED FOR MEDICAL INFORMATION OR ADDITIONAL COLLATERAL.

A Better Alternative than Surrendering Your Policy

Yes, since 1911 in the US Supreme Court case “Grigsby vs Russell”, your life insurance policy is considered an asset and can be used as collateral for loans.

There are many factors considered when valuing your policy. These include the whole life cash surrender value or indexed universal life cash surrender value, face amount, and policy performance.

Let FairMarket Advisory Services Provide a Free Estimate

You can take a non-recourse loan using your whole life policy as the only collateral needed. FairMarket Advisory Services will help arrange a loan and help you through the transaction. There is no obligation for future payments.

Unlike a traditional life settlement, our exclusive lender’s program has no age or health requirements to qualify. It is based strictly on policy information and performance. Also, the money provided from the policy is in the form of a loan with the policy as the only collateral ever required. The policy seller will have some retained coverage for their beneficiary(ies) of choice, but they will be relieved of premiums for the remainder of the life of the policy. 

A Better Alternative than Surrendering Your Policy

Before Surrendering, Weigh The Options

If you need money and/or do not want to continue paying premiums out of pocket, are considering taking a loan against your whole life policy or surrendering it altogether, contact us first to consider a way to get the cash you need on better terms while keeping the coverage also.

Initial Consultation

Pre-application process to gather initial information determines qualification and estimated value. There is no cost associated with getting an offer, and no obligation to accept the offer.


We need a few basic items to provide a free policy review. This includes three illustrations, an account statement showing policy values, and the cost basis.


Fairmarket Advisory Services will evaluate your policy and determine eligibility. If eligible, an offer will be provided. There is no cost associated with getting an offer, and no obligation to accept the offer.


If the policy holder decides to accept the offer, loan documents are prepared and sent to the policy owner. Loan closing usually within 10 days after fully executed documents are returned to Fairmarket Advisory.